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As the second most popular Primetime news outlet, CNN has been the way millions of Americans receive their news since 1980. CNN’s mission statement is “to create the finest possible news product and to present hard-breaking, national, and international news, as it unfolds” (Wordpress, 2020). Being such a prevalent source for news means that the newscasters, writers, and anyone else who goes into making CNN productions possible must uphold company-wide ethics.

CNN’s social media sites predominately consist of news stories from CNN’s website that are briefly summarized and provide a link directly to the article. CNN employees that operate the company’s social profiles must abide by the same company ethics that can be found across the rest of the company as well. These guidelines are what CNN employees are to be expected of when upholding their company’s ethical standards.

Core Ethical Expectations:

  1. Employees must abide by CNN’s ethical standards from anywhere in the company.
  2. Employees should not depict particular bias when publishing articles or other forms of media to the public as to portray a neutral stance.
  3. All employees should avoid partaking in misconduct in their workplace including sexual harassment, slanderous communication, or theft of company property to name a few.
  4. Employees should show equal respect to fellow coworkers and the public alike.
  5. Employees should report immediately if they discover another coworker or persons to be defying ethical expectations within the company.

Social Media Ethical Expectations:

  1. Employees must maintain professional rhetoric when interacting directly with consumers. This includes avoiding hateful speech that could potentially be harmful to any particular individual.
  2. We will respond to social media posts with authenticity to show our sincere demeanor through our social media tone of voice.
  3. Our profiles will be fully transparent as a means to avoid suspicions of bias or fraudulent reporting. This will also show our consumers they can trust us as a reputable news outlet.
  4. Utilizing a consistent tone throughout our social profiles to ensure consumers that they will receive the same level of service from our accounts regardless of platform.
  5. We will continue to ensure our consumers know that we are a reputable news outlet they can utilize on a daily basis to stay updated on what is going on in the world.
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As a prevalent news outlet that millions of Americans regularly turn to for accurate and timely news stories, we will ensure that our ethical standards are upheld and well known throughout our company. Ensuring company values are consistent throughout our social profiles will also help to ensure that our company’s voice is the same across all of our social media platforms.


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